Accessing the Conforma Demo

Accessing the Demo

We have developed a demo version of Conforma to help you get a feel for how it works.

Just like any version of Conforma, the demo is accessed by all users through a web browser.

Conforma can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop systems, as well as on tablets. We recommend that you ensure your browser version is up to date.

The link to the demo is here:

Setting up as a new user in the demo

You can set up your own user account as an external user (as a supplier), or you can log in with an existing user account below:

External user:

Username: External_User

Password: demo

Internal user:

Username: Internal_User

Password: demo

Please note that the demo is reset regularly so you will not have ongoing access to an account or applications that you have created.

Guidance on how to navigate the demo

See the Tutorials sections for step by step walk-throughs on different activities and processes that you can familiarise yourself with in the Conforma Demo.

If you have any questions at all on the demo or on a specific process, please reach out to us at

Accessing Conforma Data Visualisation

We have also created a demo version to show how Grafana can be used as a visualisation reporting tool to produce customisable integrated reports based on Conforma workflows and records.

The link to the demo visualisation reporting tool is here:

Username: Internal_User

Password: demo