Why use Conforma?

What makes Conforma special?

Through the use of Conforma, countries (particularly low and middle income countries), are able to develop stronger, more robust and efficient regulatory systems, which in turn support improved health supply chains and better access to medicines.

We have built Conforma to be:

1. An open-source solution

2. Flexible

3. An integrated system

4. Interoperable

5. Sustainable

6. User-friendly

Conforma Design Principles

An Open-source solution

Conforma’s source code is open-source. This means there is no licensing and no annual fees, making Conforma a highly accessible solution. Conforma’s source code is freely available, transferring power to countries or organisations using it.

Open-source solutions not only remove cost barriers but also allow for continued improvements to be made and felt by all users. Developers outside of the mSupply Foundation can contribute to improving it.

This collaborative approach also enhances security, by making all code visible to independent scrutiny.


Knowing there is no one size fits all for regulatory processes, we have made Conforma flexible and easily configurable so it doesn't require costly development when being adapted for a country or organisation.

Because Conforma is free and open-source, and built with its own workflow customisation system, it can be tailored to different needs, even by non-programmers.

An integrated system

Conforma is an integrated system that stores all your information in one place for co-ordinated work and reporting. It allows different users to use the same platform to communicate, but with access to different tools and functions (such as external users being able to submit an application and internal users being able to review and respond to that application). Conforma allows for highly granular permissions, supporting various types of review and authorisation processes for organisations.


Conforma works interoperably with other software (including our electronic logistics management information system, Open mSupply), so that its benefits can be utilised across wider systems, such as health supply chains. The diagram below represents how Conforma can be used alongside Open mSupply to manage medicines from pre-market to patient level to post-market monitoring.

conforma and msupply market diagram


Conforma has been designed to be a sustainable and high standard information management system by incorporating internationally standardised terminology, transparent review and application practices and allowing for interoperability and data sharing.


Most importantly, Conforma makes its users' lives easier!

With efficient, user friendly workflows and a modern easy to use system design, Conforma allows countries and organisations to improve existing manual processes through digitisation, and in turn reduce workloads on overburdened departments.

We have sought input from existing users of our software during the development of Conforma to make sure it is as fit-for-purpose and accessible as possible.