Reports & Databases

Workflow lists

Flexible and filterable databases can be configured for workflow management in Conforma. Below is an example of an application list for a medicine registration workflow, which can be filtered by a range of variables.


Customisable databases

Conforma can easily incorporate searchable and filterable databases of system records and files, such as permits and product records. These databases are secure and reliable to support varying record keeping needs of different organisations and users of Conforma.

This ability to record all submission details supports workflows where changes are requested from the applicant (for example, amendments or updates to a medicine registration).


Dashboards and Visualisation

Data from workflows and records in Conforma can be used to produce customisable integrated reports using Grafana, a visualisation reporting tool. This function can be used to monitor levels of activity and performance, and can be used to identify trends.

Below is an example of a customised reporting dashboard for medicine registrations.


Below is an example of how Conforma data can be used to identify trends to help shape policy and decision making, in this case identifying the number of medicine suppliers registering antimicrobial medicines.