Logging in as an Internal User

Accessing Conforma

  1. Open your internet browser to access Conforma, which is a web-based application. We recommend ensuring your browser is up to date.

  2. Navigate to the system URL (this will be different for every set-up).

On a typical setup, a login page will appear as shown below. An admin user at your agency will need to create an account for you to access Conforma.


Creating an account for the Conforma demo

Setting up an account is slightly different for the demo version of Conforma, which is available here: https://conforma-demo.msupply.org:50002/login

  1. The login page for the demo will appear as shown below:


  1. To set up an account (which will be valid for 24 hours), select Request online demo, and complete the basic user information.

user info

  1. Once you have completed the form, click the Review & Summary button.

  2. Review your answers on the form, then click the Submit button.

  3. Once you have registered, a verification email will be sent to the email address you provided in the form. Verify your account by clicking the provided link in the email you received.

  4. Following this, you will receive a second email, which contains a link to your personalised demo version of Conforma. This second email will explain how to log in as an external user or an internal user with your credentials.

Please note that your personalised demo is reset after 24 hours, after which, you will not have ongoing access to your account or applications that you have been working on.
  1. Enter your username and password. To log in as an internal user, you will need to use the following details:

Username: Internal_User

Password: what you entered when registering for the demo

  1. Click Log in.