Communication and Documents

Conforma has a vast number of ways to record information and communicate between users.

Key notes and feedback

Notes can be made by different users depending on the task, and these notes can be made available to certain other users (for example, from one internal user to other internal users, or from an internal user to external users).

In the case of medicines assessment, this allows evaluators to make notes in Conforma, where issues or questions can be recorded and directly communicated between both internal users (the regulator) and external users (medicine suppliers) within the application. This also means potential issues can be resolved within the application without the need for numerous emails between suppliers and the regulator.


Feedback within forms

The notes function above can enable feedback to be provided clearly to other users by highlighting questions or issues to be amended. For example, a supplier can see the feedback from the evaluator to update an error on the form they previously submitted, reducing the need to cross check correspondence.


Uploading documents

The forms in Conforma enable users to upload documents to communicate these with other users. A typical example is medicines suppliers (external users) uploading documents for medicines evaluators (internal users) as part of their application to register a new medicine.

Conforma has no restrictions on file type or size of documents being uploaded, however this can be customised to suit any process or workflow.


Generated documents and certificates

Conforma workflows can be configured to automatically generate documents and certificates, such as product registration certificates, which can then be communicated to a user, and stored against the application record.


Below is an example certificate generated from information supplied by an external user through an application form, which has then been reviewed and approved by the regulatory agency using Conforma.

certicate example

Email notifications

Automatic emails can be configured and sent from Conforma to help speed your work up and ensure no users miss an update.